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Do I need an academic degree to be in this business?

No.  Having an academic degree is not a prerequisite in this business for either you or your teaching staff.  The classes your business will offer are considered electives, the students are not being graded and that does not require you to hold a degree of some sort. That being said, you will need a well-designed curriculum and a teaching staff that is proficient in the subject they will teach.

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Will I be taught a curriculum?

No.  We will teach you a business model but you must come to us with expertise in a subject or at the very least be familiar enough with a subject that you can formulate a curriculum in a competent manner.  Having a background working with children (even on a voluntary basis) is recommended, but not mandatory.

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Will my curriculum be good for this business?

It depends on what type of classes your program would offer and the area you are living in.  Call around to your local schools, parks and recreation departments and studios to see what classes are popular in your community.  If there are classes similar to what you offer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the market is flooded.  It would, however, demonstrate that there is a market for your type of class.  We also recommend that you test out your curriculum on friends, family and their children in order to gauge their interest level and proceed accordingly.

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How soon after taking NETA's ASA Program will I be in business?

Once you have taken the training, how quickly you start your new business is entirely up to you.  Upon completing the School Enrichment start-up training you should begin your sales campaign immediately.  After you land your first contract with a school, you could conceivably start your program there within a few weeks.  If you are taking the training for the Summer Day Camp business and want to start your program that very summer, we strongly recommend you see us by October or November prior to that summer at the very latest.  This would be the minimum amount of time you need to make the preparations that are necessary to run a summer camp.

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Are there any legal parameters which would disqualify me from taking ASA’s business start-up programs or would disqualify me from participating in this business?

You will be ineligible for our business start-up training if you have felony convictions on your record – drug offenses, violent crimes and crimes involving the abuse of or endangerment of children in particular.  Upon enrollment with us, you will be required to submit to a criminal background check.  Even beyond taking our training courses, you will find schools and other child care institutions have similar restrictions in place which would disqualify a candidate from working with children.  All of these policies are in place for the protection of children.

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How quickly will I recoup my investment?

How quickly you recoup your investment depends primarily on two factors:  First, on what time of the year you take the business start-up program and second, how actively and diligently you pursue your leads.  If you wish to start your new company immediately after having taken our program, we strongly recommend you see us at least four months in advance of the anticipated launch date of your new company.  This will give you enough time to take the training and do the preliminary work that is required to launch your program.  The second factor is how diligently you work at making your new business a success.  You must be self motivated, dedicated and you must treat launching your new business like it is your job.

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How viable is this industry?

School enrichment is no longer a frill.  When you enter this business, you will see that this not just something families want.  It is something they need.  Schools utilize their after school selections as a way of complementing their curriculum or replacing curriculum that has been lost due to school budget cuts.  It is not uncommon for several enrichment programs to work side-by-side at the same schools providing the arts, sciences, languages, etc.

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How profitable is enrichment programming?

In our projected revenue chart, we gave a conservative estimate of the revenue an enrichment program owner stands to generate with a medium-sized company.  NETA's sister company, Performing Arts Workshops, has made considerably more than that.  In the projected revenue chart, class size examples were listed at 12 children per class.  Our classes regularly average 15 to 20 children and it is not uncommon for our classes to peak at 30.

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Why should I use the ASA Program's business model instead of starting off on my own?

Because this is a service industry dealing with children, any mistakes that are made on your part could have major consequences.  The enrichment community is a small one - that is, school principals know each other and share information.  If your reputation is tarnished early on, you will find that the doors of opportunity will be closed to you.  In addition to you, school administrators are held responsible for what goes on at their campus or facility.  An enrichment owner will have an exceedingly difficult time trying to get back in and re-establish the relationship.

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How do I pay for the enrichment business and summer day camp start-up programs?

NETA clients will need to place a $1000 deposit, (15% of which is non-refundable) in order to ensure their spot in the next available training date.  The balance is paid for with a cashier’s check, 21 days prior to the training date.

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What’s the next step?

Nothing beats the personal touch.  Feel free to call us at (310) 827 – 8827.  We will be more than happy to answer your questions and send you a brochure, questionnaire and sign-up application.  Serious inquiries only, please.

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